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Walkie Talkie - Internship - Alyssa - June 2017

Hi Alyssa!

I’m the new intern here at Walkie Talkie HQ. This was the first week of my twelve-week adventure – so far, so good! I haven’t tripped over any loose cords or called people by the wrong name. Yes, sometimes I’m clumsy like that, so this is already a big win for me! I have to say I was both excited and nervous when I arrived at the office monday morning, but now it’s just 100% enthusiasm to get started and find out what the PR world is all about.

I’m currently studying Multilingual Communication in Ghent, after finishing a degree in Applied Linguistics Studies. Over the years I have learned all about social media, communications, journalism, translation… All that good stuff that I can’t wait to practice at Walkie Talkie 🙂 During my studies I was lucky enough to live in Finland for a while, which was THE experience of a lifetime – although being mistaken as Finnish by locals for four months was somewhat confusing, since my vocabulary didn’t reach much further than ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ when I was there. In my free time, I’ll take any chance I get to travel abroad for a few days. There is nothing I love more than exploring cities I haven’t been to with my camera ready to snap away all day. Catching up with friends over drinks or great Italian food comes a close second, though

Feel free to say hi, I’m always up to meet new people. Now, I’m ready to make this an unforgettable summer. But first… tea time.


Welcome to the world of honey!

With great pride we present our newest member of the Walkie Talkie family: MELI. We couldn’t BEE happier!

Selecting the correct varieties, checking quality critically every day again, that’s what approximately 40 people at MELI are doing on a full-time basis.

Want to know more about the tasty liquid gold? Throughout the year we will organise behind the scenes visits at the MELI factory. We will focus on the whole MELI product range, so health and food loving media and bloggers will get to discover the (new) products by testing them extensively. Are you hungry for more? Make sure to follow our channels, because maybe you want to try them out yourself!



Bye, bye Jana! RECAP. Internship

Hi there, let me introduce myself 😉

My name is Jana, a 22-year-old communications student from Ghent. I live only a 10’ bike ride away from a good coffee machine, delicious food and nice co-workers. Oh yes, that awesome place is the office of my internship in my hometown, the HQ of Public Relations agency Walkie Talkie.

The past 10 weeks, I had the opportunity to attend several events (from exclusive wine tasting in Luxemburg to a hectic but rewarding week at the press days in Antwerp), wrote press releases and press mailings, monitored media coverage and created loooong coverage reports. In short: I learned so much about PR and communications my head is swirling with the possibilities.

My last days at Walkie Talkie were filled with outdoor lunches -blame it on the sudden heatwave- and just as much excitement as the first days. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. And yes, in case you were wondering, that playmobilguy in the middle of the office is just as big as I am.

Thanks troopers, it’s been a blast!

Press days April 2017

Sun was shining, weather was sweet, flowers blossomed, spring was here! And so were the press days in Antwerp!

On April 26 and 27 press, bloggers and influencers came by for a sneak peek at the (new) brands we represent and their stories for high summer and FW17! We set up basecamp on the 4th floor of Urban City, an industrial white space with a beautiful panoramic view. Our one-woman art department Nadia decorated the place with an eclectic mix of objects to create that unique Walkie Talkie atmosphere!

So, what’s new this season?

Attention. This Belgian furniture will dazzle you. Vincent Sheppard introduced their new collection ‘Wicked’, by Brussels-based designer Alain Gilles. Stylish outdoor sofa and tables , just in time for your weekly summer barbecue!

A dream come true for all foodies. IT&M specializes in qualitative kitchen essentials in the Benelux and presented some of their state-of-the-art products. Their baseline ‘passion for food’ is never said in vain.

Colora presented the Boss Paints We are colour collection, a paint and wallpaper collection that helps you translate your personality into your interior. They identified 5 living atmospheres with their own typical traits: Joy, Raw, Cult, Next and Art. Don’t pick a color, pick a lifestyle!

This eyewear brand takes its inspiration from Neubau, a trendy neighbourhood in the Austrian capital Vienna. Their modern take on timeless classics and attention to details make their collections literally a perfect fit for fashionistas around the globe. Neubeau presented some new samples of their summer 2017 collection and their first three sustainable models made out of naturalPX#seeanddogood

Fitness, yoga, running, snorkeling, hiking. Decathlon is your go-to brand for all things adventure! We created a real camping place with the latest newbies from their outdoor collection Quecha during our #pressdays, but also gave our guests a sneak peek at the new collections of their other brands!

Atelier Veritas is a new concept by Veritas, which the DIY-person in you will adore! Our guests could DIY their hearts out by making charm bracelets or necklaces. But they could also discover the sparkling new Atelier Box: a package filled with all the ingredients you need to give life to any creative idea!

The most magical place on earth turns 25 years old this year and that’s a cry for celebration! During our press days you could admire some of the 150 dresses owned by everyone’s childhood heroine Minnie Mouse, each piece a little more iconic than the other.

Stabilo, Evian Fruits & Plantes, Stad Gent, Open Bedrijvendag, MOTIF Hasselt, Stad Oostende, D.A.T.E, Us by Night and Dinner on a lake were also present (and shining brightly) during our press days. Excited to see what’s next? Come visit us in November 2017 for the next press days!

Hello, I’m Lisa

Bye bye Antwerp (still love you though), hello Ghent!

My new adventure starts everyday at 7.51 am in the most beautiful train station of the world – clearly I love my home town #sorrynotsorry. After a 50 minutes trip, I hopped on and hopped off and started my new adventure at Walkie Talkie. For one month I am going to be the new intern #excited.

One of my greatest passions in life is travelling, so it’s obvious why I choose for Walkie Talkie in Ghent right? The morning commute, the sleepy grumpy people and the cold cold mornings, are just a few things I love ;-). But all joking aside, I’m doing my master’s degree Applied Linguistics English – Chinese at the University of Antwerp. Over the years I realised that translating isn’t my cup of tea, so hopefully I can ride the waves of Walkie Talkie and find my good vibrations.

It’s almost time for food, another great passion of mine (never not eating), so I would like to end with some words that I live by: “Impossible to see, the future is” – Yoda. Live life now and do the things that make you happy, and remember keep on YOLOing.

Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll receive the employee of the month award #lol.

Lots of love

Hello, I’m Wannes

Cappuccino. 2 p’s, 2 c’s. My first blog can’t contain a single mistake! 

With a little too much perfume and a homemade cappuccino (thank you office Nescafé machine), i’m excited and a bit nervous to start this adventure. 3 months at Walkie Talkie, 60 days of being an intern again!

This summer I have decided to study again. After a very pleasant experience at Woestijnvis, a new postgraduate degree drew my attention: ‘Digital Content and Journalism’. The different courses have proved to be very useful and hopefully during my period at Walkie Talkie I can apply some learned insights. I already have a master’s degree in Film & Television Studies. Basically this means I’m a serious binge watcher. Netflix and I have no secrets, I even made my dissertation about it.

When I’m not glued to a screen, you can find me jogging in Ghent somewhere. As a New Year’s gift, I was given a Fitbit. So my resolution for 2017 is to exercise more (what’s new?) I’m always in for a coffee date, a board or card game (anyone of you knows manillen?) or a citytrip to a yet undiscovered area!

Meanwhile I finished my cappuccino and apparently nobody was bothered by my perfume. Let’s get my first day here really started.

Walkie Talkie is on the lookout for a Senior PR Account Manager

Walkie Talkie is an all-round public relations agency with an everything-is-media communication approach. We reach out to our extensive network of publishers, connect the right people, and help our clients tune into the right frequency.

Based in Gent, our team consists of experts in public relations, branding & online communication. Together we get the bird word out by generating interest instead of causing interruption.

We currently work for a mix of lifestyle brands such as PLAYMOBIL, DECATHLON, Danone, Palladium, GreenPan, Sony Music Belgium, Floraliën, Toerisme Vlaanderen, Caviar, Grinderworks & several other (inter)national lifestyle brands.


Who are we looking for?

In order to continue our growth we are looking for an extra PR account manager to support our clients’ communication.

  • You have a proven track record in PR & communication
  • You come up with interesting and creative PR strategies
  • You handle and oversee a PR plan, from A to Z
  • You manage client relationships
  • You manage journalists, blogger & stakeholder relationships
  • You master Dutch and/or French & English preferably
  • You have proven copywriting skills
  • You’re interested in fashion, music, food, design, basically everything ‘lifestyle’
  • You’re well-connected with the Belgian media landscape
  • You are flexible, hard-working and most of all enthusiastic
  • You can organize events, workshops, press lunches etc. for your clients
  • You bring in new business opportunities from time to time


Our offer

An attractive salary and benefits for starters. An entrepreneurial work environment, great colleagues and the opportunity to grow with us. A cosy office space located on walking distance from Ghent’s city centre, easy accessible by bike, public transport or car. Flex work (from time to time) is not an issue.


Please show us how motivated your are. You can send us your application on jobs@talkie.be.