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Walkie Talkie awarded ‘Specialist Agency of the Year’

We’re thrilled to take home this prize awarded by Media Marketing & Pitchpoint. This is truly the cherry on the cake for our amazing team that keeps bringing it year after year! 

Why a specialist? Because everything we do originates from creative PR concepts aimed at earning the attention they deserve. Impact without media budget is our main goal, via creative PR campaigns and influencer approaches. 

Our philosophy is that brands these days need to entertain and facilitate in finding solutions for their clients rather than interrupting their consumers with unfitting and out of touch campaigns and PR approaches.

At Walkie Talkie we encourage our clients to prioritise PR within the marketing mix, creating relevant PR concepts, as this is the way to win hearts and minds. 

And looking back on 2021

🤝 Over 80 clients in 17 different industries serviced
🌱 6 new hires in 2021
🧠 1613 hours spent brainstorming & researching
💌 867 press mailings in 2021, 17/week on average
🥳 0.2% unsubscribe rate on our press mailings
🍾 For a bunch of brands we were best practice within the EMEA markets
🏆 Walkie Talkie contributed to the work of numerous award-winning agencies
👊 And we only worked for clients of which we are true fans

More exciting things to come in 2022! 

And in the meantime we invite you to discover our services & work