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Walkie Talkie goes full speed ahead

Walkie Talkie continues to grow. With new clients such as Bio-Planet, Rituals, Alken Maes, Eastpak, Air Belgium and MeDirect, the agency is investing in extra brainpower to put these thriving companies and their stories on the map. 

To help put that on the right track, Isabelle Van Orshaegen, ex-journalist, coordinator and editor-in-chief at De Morgen, recently joined the agency. With her experience as a PR consultant, Walkie Talkie brings on board a seasoned communications talent. Louise Van Der Taelen also brings additional reinforcement as a passionate junior sidekick. 

Isabelle’s skillset is particularly rare, with her journalistic background at De Morgen and PR experience she understands the context and reality that companies find themselves in. Therefore, we believe she can make a substantial difference in taking the team and agency as a whole to the next level,” said Sara De Bruyne, team lead at Walkie Talkie. “Louise brings a hefty dose of energy and enthusiasm to the agency. The unpredictability of media, making and maintaining contacts, getting clients’ messages across, influencers and creative activations, it gets her thrilled.

The combination of their diverse client portfolio, broad expertise and all-round creativity made me instantly excited to join Walkie Talkie. They have already proven on several occasions that they are not your average PR Agency and I am convinced that I can and will learn a lot from them as well.“, says Isabelle. 

Walkie Talkie has evolved from a lifestyle PR agency to a full-service agency, with local but also international labels. Besides lifestyle expertise, it also houses a corporate communications cell to assist companies with reputation management. With an earned-first creativity approach, we focus on stories that stick, creative campaigns that deserve attention and content that is worth sharing. Because that’s exàctly the power of an earned first communications strategy, that’s how we believe brands should be built. Relevant, grounded and creative.“, adds Sara.

With tons of enthusiasm and sleeves rolled up, we are heading into a very exciting and defining year for the agency!