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Struggling with your lifestyle PR and influencer marketing efforts? Walkie Talkie is all ears on our free COVID-19 PR hotline!

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down! But the show must go on!

Do you find yourself in need of a last minute sparring partner? We are here to help.  

You can book a free short session with us to exchange thoughts and get equipped to tackle your PR dilemmas! 

Below are just a few examples of questions that you might have and some quick tips & tricks to get you going! 

Can we still communicate during this crisis? 

These are delicate times and sending out commercial communication right now is like walking a tightrope. Therefore, finding that balance is key! It is all a matter of how you approach things but remember, during these challenging times we also need positive vibes so nothing is impossible!  

Can I still launch a product now? 

Sure you can, but think about the angle. How will you present this product? What will make it stick? Happy to think of ideas together! 

Can my press event still take place?

There are plenty of alternatives to rethink a traditional press event. How about a digital press tour or an online  tutorial of your product?

With all our stores closed, sales are dropping drastically, I can not just sit around and wait for this to blow over? 

And you should not! Have you considered setting up home deliveries, or even a quick fix webshop?  

But setting up a webshop can’t be that easy and fast? 

We know just the people that can do that, we will hook you up! 

How long do we have to put our communication on hold? 

First think whether your communication really has to come to a full stop. Then also think in terms of planning ahead, think about what people will need after this crisis and tap into that. Time to lay those foundations for your fall campaigns! 

So no time like the present! Let’s get cracking! 

Do you find yourself in a pickle or do you know someone who is struggling with their communication due to COVID-19? 

Just get in touch through walkie@talkie.be or +32 (0)9 391 60 63 and book your personal hotline consultation with one of our experts. We are all ears!