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Walkie Talkie launches ECHO

Meet ECHO, our new Walkie Talkie division that supports your company, brand or organisation with its internal communication. Our aim? To strengthen your brand from the inside out by employee engagement, highlighting internal company culture and activating an ambassador network.

Unleash the power of your (internal) stakeholders

Over the past years Walkie Talkie built a strong position in the Belgian PR landscape. Brands – in the broad sense of the word – turn to us to develop and support creative solutions for their on- & offline needs.

Where Walkie Talkie focuses on the external communication process, ECHO will now aim at unleashing the power of your internal stakeholders. We feel internal communications should not only revolve around managing changes or extinguishing fires. We are the glue that shapes your identity and help employees (and alike) communicate with pride and daring to the outside world. Because of our background in PR & influencer Marketing, we are often already involved in the different communication processes of our clients. For them it is a logical step we support them internally as well.

Want to partner up? Get in touch

Want to find out if your company has the potential to unlock the power your internal network. Get in touch via hello@weareecho.be and we will help you identify, highlight and activate this through the development of creative internal communication plans.

The story is yours. We are your ECHO.