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Welcome FTI

New client alert! Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) chose Walkie Talkie as its PR partner for its highly anticipated ten day tech & innovation event. Taking place from March 15 to 24  2024 in six major Flemish cities (Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven, Kortrijk and Hasselt), it promises to be an event not to be missed! 

The six topics? Data economy, energy & clean tech, health & life & bio sciences, mobility of the future, arts & entertainment, living & learning & working in a digital environment. 

The goal? To put Flanders on the international map as an innovative region that enables tech & innovations in favor of civilians and society in general. There’s truly something for everyone: whether you’re a curious civilian, eager student or hands-on entrepreneur. Some events are even customized for minors: ideal for an educational and nearby family trip. 

Walkie Talkie will work closely with the centralized FTI team, as well as the six local partners: Wintercirus (Ghent), Supernova (Antwerp), Vrije Universiteit Brussel or VUB (Brussels), and& (Leuven), Hangar K (Kortrijk) and Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek or VITO (Hasselt). Stay tuned via FTI’s website, Instagram and LinkedIn page! 

Any questions, press-wise? Reach out to fti@talkie.be