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Walkie Talkie welcomes Khadija Belbecir. With a degree in international business, a master’s in communication sciences and experience in the fashion and travel industry she will join our consumer PR team, working for clients as Spotify, SMEG and Fruitz.

It quickly became clear that Khadija is the perfect fit at the perfect time, as 2024 promises to be a busy year,” said Maureen Richard, team lead at Walkie Talkie. In addition to her marketing expertise, Khadija brings with her a broad knowledge of the current media landscape. 

With tons of enthusiasm and sleeves rolled up, I look forward to being part of a passionate team that is resolutely going for an earned first approach. Content worth sharing,” says Khadija. “Moreover, Walkie Talkie is not a classic agency; in addition to lifestyle experts, there are also corporate and influencer marketing specialists. No shortage of learning and growth opportunities. Allez-y!” 

The team also previously welcomed Maria-Sophia Cornelissen & Alicia Verlinden and their portfolio was updated. “In addition to our familiar client portfolio, we also welcome A076, RAY, Bel&Bo, Magnum, Amazon, Batibouw and Vakantiesalon, Lichtfestival Gent, Lotus Bakeries, FTI Flanders and Ghent European Youth Capital. Food, beauty, fashion, technology, culture and innovation under one roof? “Yes, in addition to our specialised consumer team, the corporate communication cell is also running at full speed,” says Valérie Bourgeois, co-founder of Walkie Talkie.