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Great news as we are pleased to announce that Pathé Belgium and Walkie Talkie are joining forces.

Pathé is the largest cinema company on the European mainland. With no less than 127 cinemas in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Senegal, Pathé operates an impressive 1,295 screens, some of which feature remarkable technological innovations: 26 IMAX, 54 4DX, 14 DOLBY CINEMA, 4 SCREENX, and 2 ONYX LED CINEMA. Pathé also produces films and series and aims to offer a wide and varied range of films, with the goal of making them accessible to as large an audience as possible.

With locations in Charleroi, Namur, Louvain-la-Neuve, Verviers, Genk, Sint-Niklaas, Maasmechelen, Lanaken, and Libramont, Pathé Belgium manages nine cinema complexes with a total of 85 screens, offering over 300 movies and 150,000 screenings annually in cinemas with maximum comfort.

A diverse range

The Belgian Pathé cinemas aim to combine film with culture in all its facets. In addition to a varied program of films in dubbed or original versions, the cinema company in Belgium also offers live broadcasts of operas (MET), plays (French comedy), as well as musical events such as concerts and documentaries about your favorite artists. World cinema is also featured, with screenings of Polish, Turkish, and Egyptian films, often simultaneously with their release in the country of origin.

Unique experiences

Premieres with artists, marathons of well-known sagas, but also exclusive events such as Ladies Night or Terror Night, continue to captivate audiences and regularly bring life to Pathé Belgium cinemas.

So needless to say we are ready to immerse ourselves in the world of cinema and work on their striking, engaging, and unexpected experiences in the next months.