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This Thai saying pretty much sums up this year’s trend report, compared to last year’s. Following the initial shocks of 2020, the impact of the C-word continued to be felt across the world in 2021. Despite that, life went on and people and markets adapted in the best way possible. And Walkie Talkie, once again, scanned a series of (inter)national trend reports and bundled the most interesting takeaways and stats in a snackable format for you to digest.

The common theme throughout our 2022 trend paper is undoubtedly self-awareness. Individuals are becoming more woke: conscious about society and its lingering issues and inequalities. People are well aware of what they want, value and oppose. The latter sparking the so-called cancel culture – the phenomenon of promoting the boycotting of people, brands and objects due to offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies. All this leads to an all-time high coverage of mental health, inclusivity, sustainability – and hybrid forms of communication, events and jobs. How companies like yours are – and perhaps should be – reacting to these turn of events?

You’ll read it right here.