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The world is moving at a rapid pace, but some things never change as Walkie Talkie bundled the most interesting PR takeaways and stats in a snackable format for you to digest again.

Why? For companies, staying on top of their game and remaining top of mind might be more crucial than ever. A tailor-made public relation approach is the best way to do so. Whether it comes to businesses wanting to discuss their initiatives or stances on artificial intelligence, sustainability and mental and physical health – or whether they like to attract or retain employees. And regardless of whether you are simply curious about how to have your company or organisation emerge on the scene, or sustain thought-leadership.

Hence, take a deep breath and read about how your company could and perhaps should be creating both content and context by surfing on the trends in the five domains below – like brands such as Alken-Maes, Rituals, Guylian, VLAM and Bio-Planet among others did in 2023:

  • Artificial Intelligence: let common sense prevail regarding AI. Make your products or services that embed AI fit your company’s image and the European AI ACT.
  • Media: social media and genuine influencers have become worthy skyscrapers in our Belgian media landscape.
  • Sustainability: eeny, meeny, miny moe – some aspects have got to go. Like consumers do; pinpoint one or more sustainability topics instead of going all-out.
  • (Mental) Health: people focus on individual endorphins – both physical and mental – amid an epic national sports year.
  • Work/life: Gen Z(en) and unretired elderly meet in the phygital workplace, as companies try to turn their employees into brand ambassadors.

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