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Walkie Talkie - Atelier Veritas - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Veritas - Atelier Veritas - December 2017 Walkie Talkie - Atelier Veritas - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Atelier Veritas - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Atelier Veritas - December 2016

Atelier Veritas

Belgian retail label Veritas’ mission is to inspire people to get creative through their broad span of materials, accessories, and ideas. Veritas launched a new shopping concept “Atelier Veritas” and opened a shop-in-shop concept in 14 of their existing shops where everyone– young, old, (beginning) creatives and fashionistas– can find inspiration for DIY projects. You can join a knitting workshop or find everything you need to make your own cardigan or clutch. Experts and tools are available to bring every DIY idea to life.

Press & blogger introduction

To establish a valuable brand introduction Walkie Talkie reached out to lifestyle journalists with a sneak preview press tour to introduce Veritas’ new brand Atelier Veritas. We visited three editorial houses and personally invited the editors to experience Atelier Veritas themselves through a fun arm knitting workshop in the custom-made Atelier Veritas caravan. Every participating editor enjoyed a one-on-one chat with the local Veritas team.

The press introduction was supported by targeted press releases and in-depth interviews, Veritas was able to spread its different messages to their broad audiences, from retail to decoration outlets and regional to national newspapers and magazines. Next to that, Walkie Talkie established relationships with relevant DIY and creative bloggers by setting up a blogger workshop in the caravan, that was positioned in Flagey, Brussels.

Holidays are coming with “Atelier Veritas on Wheels”! To raise brand awareness for both Veritas and Atelier Veritas during the Christmas season Walkie Talkie took the Atelier Veritas caravan on tour and visited Belgium’s most important shopping cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, Hasselt and Leuven. We invited customers to get their Secret Santa at Atelier Veritas and pimp/personalize their Christmas gift with cool customizing accessories from Atelier Veritas. Happy customers and a happy brand; a great way to start 2017 with a BANG!

  • Development of PR strategy for brand introduction
  • Generate online & offline brand visibility
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Organization and hosting of press tour
  • Collaboration with renowned DIY & creative bloggers
  • Host press events
  • Consumer & marketing  activation