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BeerSelect was founded in 2016 by three guys in their early twenties. The Ghentian brewery helps beer firms and craft brewers grow, among other things by offering them production opportunities. Like this, they want to bring taste innovation to the Belgian beer landscape. In 2019, the start-up unveiled the construction of its own brewery, which immediately became the largest in Ghent. In December 2020, BeerSelect reached out to us for a corporate press approach regarding their second funding round. Walkie Talkie handled everything concerning content, media relations and brand positioning.

The funding presented us a couple of challenges: how to create a compelling story for corporate media that already covered the first funding round in 2019, and with the new machinery months away from being installed in the brewery? What angle to create so that more popular media as well would like to cover the story? And how to control the timings and messages of the story, with third parties already knowing about the funding?

Our team addressed these topics by proactively reaching out to all third parties about the timings, content and way of working. Timing-wise, we sent the embargoed press release to a selective group of journalists whom we offered the opportunity to interview the BeerSelect CEO in advance. That way, they could each tailor the news by focusing on separate angles.

We secured and guided no less than 10 interviews in print and online press and were featured among others on the front page of De Tijd and in tv news reports by AVS and Kanaal Z. In the end, we secured 30 qualitative clippings and an ROI of 45. More importantly however: our client was pleased with the way he had been able to position BeerSelect and emphasize its different facets to both general and business media in Flemish and Walloon media.

  • Making BeerSelect visible as a brand and establishing it as a thought-leader among group breweries
  • Developing and creating PR hooks around a funding
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Press mailings
  • Guiding media interviews and video news reports
  • Coordinating timings and controlling messages of an embargoed story with multiple third parties