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Bel&Bo x Walkie Talkie: cheers to our first year

At Bel&Bo, fashion isn’t just about what you wear. It’s about embracing your unique style, expressing yourself with confidence and feeling fabulous while doing so.

For 30 years now, families have been able to find their own style at Bel&Bo. From grandparents to the littlest ones, whether it is on the webshop or in one of the 96 stores. The Belgian family business ensures a smile and a good mood to go with every new outfit. With 600+ colleagues who are crazy about fashion, the Bel&Bo family is always there for you with the best advice in the most heartwarming way. 

From chic dresses to trendy tops and from stylish pants to cozy knits: Bel&Bo offers a wide range of fashionable pieces that cater to every taste and occasion. Each piece is crafted from the most comfortable fabric, with a corresponding comfortable price. Because the principle of Bel&Bo is that everyone deserves to feel good.

Our PR journey so far

In August ’23, Bel&Bo knocked on our door asking us to handle their day-to-day PR approach for Belgium. This involves providing the media landscape with collection updates, highlighting co-creations with celebrities like Frances Lefebure or Emilie Dupuis, showcasing store updates and award wins as well as setting up a corporate PR campaign. You’ll read more about the latter below. Let’s first take a look at the lifestyle angle of our PR approach. 

From the moment we unleashed our very first press release in September ‘23, we’ve been making waves in the Belgian media scene. After only 4 months on the job, we ended 2023 with a jaw-dropping qualitative 17 clippings featuring Bel&Bo. Talking about capturing the hearts, minds and headlines of millions. Or to be more precise – more than 15 million (estimated reach of 15.556.310)! With an estimated media value of €53.5K, we may speak of a fashionable kick-start to our journey together.

The start of 2024 contained a historical momentum for Bel&Bo, namely a generational transition at the top of the company. That is where the corporate PR team came in. Charlotte Delfosse proudly took over the torch from her father, former CEO of the family business. Walkie Talkie facilitated a media training, has set-up a detailed Q&A and consequently exclusive media interviews to give the new CEO the attention she deserved. We’re proud to highlight the remarkable press coverage, showcasing Bel&Bo’s commitment to excellence and family values. From insightful interviews with De Tijd, Trends, Retail Detail, Marie Claire, Focus WTV, Het Laatste Nieuws, and many more. It’s clear that Bel&Bo continues to capture the attention of both industry insiders and the wider community.

However we were just getting started. Since the beginning of this year (up until April ’24) we’ve already reached 7 clippings, good for an estimated reach of over 2 million and an ad value of €127K. Eager and excited to see those numbers rise in the coming months! 

In total, this lands us at a result of 24 clippings after 8 months of handling the lifestyle PR approach for Bel&Bo, across print and online platforms. 

  • Highlighting Bel&Bo as a go-to fashion brand to love 
  • Install a constant presence in the media landscape 
  • Featuring Bel&Bo on our press days 
  • Writing , editing and sending out press releases in both Dutch and French
  • Media training for the CEO and corporate comms team 
  • Setting up a Q&A 
  • Corporate photoshoot