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BRU® is the only Belgian water that comes out of our soil naturally sparkling, a unique position to claim. This is an important message to spread to key press and influencers, as they hardly know that this water is 100% Belgian, natural and pure.

BRU®️ asked Walkie Talkie as their all-round PR agency to portray these key facts of the brand towards press & influencers. To highlight these key messages Walkie Talkie collaborated with studio We Are Oskar to develop a hard copy press kit and lifestyle visuals to accompany upcoming press releases.

smart influencer approach

Once the basics were set, Walkie Talkie came up with a smart influencer approach, where we asked 10 influencers to give their take on the key messages BRU®️ portrays. Walkie Talkie sent out the hard copy press kit and integrated fitted table decoration, so the influencers could take pictures of their beautiful BRU® table setting. This resulted in approximately 70 social posts, blog posts and Instagram stories, with an estimated reach of 150K, which boosted all of the social channels of BRU®. Additionally 2 influencers where also featured in a social video for BRU®.

  • Develop creative PR hooks and influencer concepts, all year round
  • Ensure constant national media coverage
  • Coordinate PR content creation
  • Establish key messages of BRU® through press communication
  • Establish a fitting influencer approach, an influencer community with real BRU® ambassadors.
  • Work closely together with advertising agency