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Cowboy is a Belgian designer of electric bikes designed to take the streets. Their mission is to change urban mobility for the better, and do it in a stylish and connected way. Up until the launch of the first Cowboy bike early 2018, e-bikes were still either aimed at elderly people who need the assistance, or at very wealthy people who could afford a bike that is almost the price of a good, pre-owned automobile. 

Cowboy has changed just that, offering an intuitive, connected and beautifully designed electrified ride for a great price.

Walkie Talkie has been handling the Belgian press and influencer relations for Cowboy since summer 2019, with some great results to show for it. From the launch of a dedicated insurance program for riders, to being the first Belgian start-up ever to successfully launch a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign – we do what is necessary to ensure broad coverage in print and online, radio and television, Dutch and French speaking media. 

We even turned the recovery of a stolen Cowboy bike into a coverage grand slam, with over forty clippings and five interviews on the subject of smart bike tracking! 

We dig for interesting angles and stories and maximize their press potential, whilst pinpointing relevant influencer collaborations that fit the brand identity.

  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Create continued awareness around Cowboy 
  • Ensure Cowboy remains top of mind in Belgian press
  • Set up relevant and long lasting influencer collaborations
  • Develop interesting PR hooks covering the different storylines of the company