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Dag van de Mantelzorg

‘Caring for’ is something we all do, every day, without giving it much thought. But for many, that care is more than everyday. A staggering one in three people dedicate their life to caring for others, going beyond the call of duty every single day. Informal caregivers are an essential link in our care system, and their selfless efforts deserve our heartfelt praise.

The recognized informal (family) care associations, the Flemish Expertise Centre for Informal Care, VIVEL – Vlaams Instituut voor de Eerste Lijn and WVL Manteltmee asked to join forces to give informal caregivers more recognition and to highlight the new Flemish informal care plan through an in-depth PR-approach. On June 23rd – Dag van de Mantelzorg – we took a moment to give these silent heroes a voice.  

National press coverage

To ensure national press coverage before, during and even after Dag van de Mantelzorg we elaborated a well-thought PR approach where extensive research was key. So we first took a deep dive into this important and delicate topic, before reaching out to press with tailor-made pitches and testimonials. Later we sent out a press release to a big range of media where we made sure the tone of voice was right. Also taking the vision and mission of all the stakeholders into account every step of the way.

From radio, to print and online: the topic aroused a lot of interest among all different kinds of press and got the attention it deserved. The result? Informal caregivers got to tell their story: always with a positive note, but never without being realistic about their situation. This way a broad audience got a better understanding of the topic, Dag van de Mantelzorg was set on the public agenda and pushed as a central information point.

The results:

  • Ad value: 514.435,42 €
  • Reach: 1.824.137
  • Total number of clippings: 59
  • Develop and create PR hooks around informal care and Dag van de Mantelzorg
  • Establish the topic informal care in the Belgian media landscape with focus on recognition and awareness
  • Position as the specialist website
  • Development and implementation of PR-strategy
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Press mailings
  • Calculation of PR-values