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Dinner on the Lake

Dinner On The Lake is a pop-up concept that allows you to experience a live cooking dinner in a unique setting, while floating on a lake. In 2021, Dinner On The Lake and its “floating tables” once again set sail for three magnificent locations in Flanders. Imagine yourself in the middle of the water in an oasis of peace and nature.

As 2021 was a special year, with the hospitality opening only in May, we ensured that this edition of Dinner On The Lake received the national press coverage it deserves by sending out press releases and organizing private dinners for national press and Belgian celebrities and influencers. The private dinners were a great success! The result? Keep on scrolling!

Sharing experiences

72 press clippings in national media and a magic moment that reached 1.19 million people on social media. The best way to show potential customers the concept is sharing the experiences of others.

  • Making DOTL visible as a brand
  • Event management
  • Calculation of PR-values
  • Establish DOTL in the Belgian media landscape with focus on the novelties
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Press, blogger & influencer relations for DOTL
  • Copywriting and editing of press releases
  • Generate online and offline buzz