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Since 1952, Eastpak has been crafting bags that ignite the adventurous spirit in people. What began as a manufacturer of military backpacks and duffle bags for the U.S. army has transformed into a leading lifestyle label, catering to those who live, work, and thrive in urban environments. 

Eastpak owes its name and reputation to an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality. Rest assured, the stylish and functional collection of backpacks, shoulder bags, travel essentials, and accessories from Eastpak radiates a passion for excellence. Evolving hand in hand with their dedicated fanbase, Eastpak proudly champions its motto: Built to Resist.

Eastpak approached us with a clear mission: to fortify its footprint in the Belgian media landscape by amplifying support for their diverse collaborations and day-to-day PR efforts. Eager to rise to the challenge, we embarked on an exhilarating journey involving a total of 10 fashion collaborations with renowned brands, including Telfar, Pleasures, Van Gogh Museum, and Vivienne Westwood.

Fashion collaborations

In our strategic approach, we engaged our first-tier journalists by pitching in advance and letting them put the collabs and travel items to the test, ensuring that Eastpak’s travel items received prime placement. Our media coverage spanned a spectrum of topics, ranging from fashion and travel to the overarching brand campaign. We deftly navigated the media landscape, creating a buzz around key moments such as Mother’s and Father’s day, the travel season, the end of the year and the unveiling of autumn trends. 

This effort yielded a total of 59 media clippings, spanning across print and online platforms, saturating both ends of our media spectrum from March to December.  Consequently, our outreach touched an impressive total of 27,026,116 eyeballs.

As we navigated this creative collaboration, it became evident that Eastpak is not just one of our cherished brands; it has seamlessly woven itself into our media landscape. 

  • Install a constant PR drum beat for Eastpak in Belgium 
  • Localise international brand content for the Belgian media landscape 
  • Set-up a seeding program for brand lovers 
  • Engage influencers as brand ambassadors
  • Set up giveaways with media partners