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Elvie trainer

The Elvie Trainer was the first product in the British brand’s range. The cone-shaped device copes with pelvic floor problems. 60% of Belgian women experience pelvic floor problems and almost a quarter suffer from them on a weekly basis. An iVOX survey we commissioned revealed that 1 in 3 Belgian women are unfamiliar with the location nor function of the pelvic floor.  Not surprisingly, the majority of Belgian women are also unaware of the solution and existence of the Elvie Trainer. This is where our mission lay: create awareness of pelvic floor muscle problems and introduce the Elvie Trainer.

But how do you draw attention to this problem among a broad audience if you know that the vast majority of the Belgian population doesn’t even know there is such a thing as a pelvic floor? How do you highlight pelvic floor problems in a manageable way? And above all, how do we market the Elvie Trainer? How do we reach young girls, older women and all age categories in between? And last but not least, as a PR agency we are not well-versed in these anatomic matters, so how could we underline everything scientifically and give the campaign the necessary reliability? 

The answer to all those questions: a four-metre-high vulva installation!

Make pelvic floor problems visible

One of the most common problems of a weakened pelvic floor is urine leakage. Something we knew would resonate with many women. For this reason, we chose World Continence Week as the momentum for this campaign. Antwerp’s busy Stadfeestzaal turned out to be the ideal location. With a height of 4 metres, the many passers-by literally could not look next to the vulva installation. Exactly what we wanted! Besides being an eye-catcher, the installation was also very informative. Both the problem and the solution were presented in a very accessible way.

The look and design of the installation was meant to be reminiscent of a picture from a biology textbook. That picture we all actually missed in our biology books! Nameplates neatly identified each part of the vulva and the side panels displayed figures from the iVOX study and more information on pelvic floor problems. “If only we had known this earlier” a passing elderly man said to his wife. For us, the best proof that pelvic floor problems and the solution are still underexposed.

For the anatomically correct representation and scientific foundation, we worked together with specialists from the field: Hedwig Neels (physiotherapist and postdoctoral researcher at the UAntwerpen/UZA,) and Céline Janssens (pre- and postnatal fitness specialist). As there is no Belgian spokesperson for the British brand, they were the ideal people to put forward for this.

The result? Both Flemish and Walloon Belgian media covered the story both in print and online. With 4 print clippings, 11 online clippings and 1 radio item we reached 4,606,443 eyeballs equaling a value of over € 240,000.

We hope our campaign has contributed to a better understanding of pelvic floor problems and that women know they don’t have to learn to live with the ailments down under, but that they know there is a solution  (as there always is!).

  • Making Elvie visible as a brand 
  • Develop and create PR hooks around pelvic floor problems
  • Establish Elvie in the Belgian media landscape with focus on their pelvic floor Trainer
  • Develop high impact PR concepts and hooks to communicate new products and brand strategies
  • Position Elvie as a specialist and go to brand for all things related to pelvic floor problems and their solutions 
  • Linking the right experts to the brand, as there is no Belgian spokesperson for the British brand
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Facilitate brand installations