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FAAR is Ostend’s literary city festival that explores the boundaries of non-fiction. Not a big hall full of book stands, but a challenging programme for thinkers and doers alike. At various locations, more than 80 contemporary authors, moderators and their idiosyncratic views on the world were put in the spotlight with the aim of challenging visitors to think about tomorrow, the festival’s baseline.

FAAR is also one of the many cultural initiatives that the city of Ostend has on its event agenda, which was due for its second edition in 2023. How could we ensure that the non-fiction book festival would stand out and be covered in press to nationally reach as many people as possible?

Over FIVE book-linked programmes, at TEN different venues and over EIGHTY authors, moderators and committed speakers!

The diverse offer of topical themes, venues and storylines proved key to our success. Instead of focusing solely on the agenda sections to announce the event, we also started focusing on the different content options. The programme was screened thoroughly with the utmost precision to solely pitch tailor-made proposals towards our diverse press contact. Thus, journalists were presented with a one-on-one offer per relevant section. And with proven success! Between January and April 2023, we managed to keep FAAR top of mind in press and achieved a whopping 68 earned first articles in the Flemish press landscape (!!!). As this was a 100% Dutch event, press of southern Belgium was not involved in this approach.

  • Make FAAR visible as a must visit event in Ostend
  • Ensure constant media coverage before, during and after the event
  • Develop high impact PR concepts and 1 on 1 hooks for media
  • Integrate FAAR in as many as possible media sections
  • Because of short deadline we only could chase short lead media