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Floraliën Gent

In 2016, Ghent Floralies asked Luckytree to rebrand their royal flower and plant festival in the Arts Quarter of Ghent. A new look & feel was developed to create a refreshed, dynamic city festival. One of the most important aspect the organization asked for was to attract a new and younger audience—that’s where Walkie Talkie stepped in. Together with Luckytree, we developed a fitting PR approach.

Back to the roots

Leading up to the event, a pop-up was opened: Café Frascati. With this concept, we wanted to return to the original setting where the first Ghent Floralies flower show took place in 1809. Coffeeklatch was asked to curate an exciting program which consisted of a plant swap, several botanical dinners and a green talk on urban gardening.

Additionally, we also developed a floral alphabet app for the festival. When visiting the event’s facebook page people were invited to share their names in floral letters (or the names of their beloved ones). Afterwards these names found their way to the walls of the STAM (Stadsmuseum Gent) museum, which was one of the venues for the Ghent Floralies.

Lastly, Walkie Talkie handled all social media and online media coverage. The night before the kick-off, we invited local tastemakers to an exclusive preview of the different locations to discover the all-encompassing green experience—prompting others to be part of the renewed city festival!


  • Develop and create PR hooks for the Floraliën
  • Creating new Floraliën concepts that reach other audiences
  • Ensure relevant online coverage for Floraliën
  • Press, blogger and influencer relations for the organisation
  • Collaboration with renown bloggers
  • Event management & editorial tours and visits
  • Social Media Support
  • Coordinate content creation and video productions