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Belgian start-up GIMBER called on Walkie Talkie to introduce their tastebud thrilling non-alcoholic ginger based drink to the Belgian media. On time and with mouth-watering visuals, we contacted all relevant press to ensure maximum coverage during Tournée Minérale, the month long alcohol-free initiative held each February.

drive interest and visibility

Our efforts did not disappoint, as both online and print publications with long and short lead times happily put GIMBER in the spotlights. The interest even peaked to a point where GIMBER’s webshop briefly went offline due to the widespread traffic!

Next to our press approach we also hand-picked a small but worthwhile selection of social influencers to organise a give-away contest and further drive interest and visibility among foodies and ginger fans alike.


  • Launch GIMBER in Belgium
  • Copywriting of press release
  • Develop PR hooks to successfully introduce GIMBER as a new healthy non-alcoholic drink to the Belgian media
  • Influencer approach