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Give your take

Last year Fujifilm Belgium released a new instax camera: the instax mini 40. The launch was accompanied by a campaign focusing on all Gen Zers – Give your take. It consisted of an open call to authentically showcase who you are and what you are all about… through the lens of the new instax mini 40.

Through this campaign, instax released an edgy invitation, a friendly dare to share your style, passion, outlook, community and what you love via the instax mini 40 and its mini instant film. What’s more: it offered a celebration of different styles, personalities, generosity and authenticity. These elements needed to be visible in the content of the campaign. How did we do this? Keep scrolling!

Supporting your beliefs

Walkie Talkie collaborated with photographer Daniil Lavrovski and videographer Twan Brooks, inviting a select group of people in front of their camera. They were asked to show what they are all about and share what they love in front of the new instax mini 40 camera. We proposed to run an ‘unpaid’ collaboration, but with a catch. The fee they should normally ask to create this kind of content, was offered to a charity that supports their cause and belief. 

  • Support product launch
  • Coordinate content creation
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Build influencer relations for the brand
  • Ensure maximal coverage on social media
  • Awareness of the campaign and its social take