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Photobiennial Ostend

Visual city festival featuring more than 30 (inter)national photographers

Starting in September 2023, Toerisme Oostende orchestrated its second Photobiennial, a symphony of visual artistry that echoed through the city’s streets. The collaboration of over 30 photographers transformed Ostend into a massive photo exhibition. Among the artists – carefully curated by Stephane Verheye – were notable Belgian names such as Marie Wynants, Mous Lamrabat and Athos Burez, whose creativity was harmonized by international luminaries such as Joel-Peter Witkin (US), Jenny Boot (NL), Julia Fullerton-Batten (GB), Aglaia Konrad (AUT), Bára Prášilová (HU) and Stefano Bonazzi (IT). Various locations in the city were transformed into playgrounds for the works of local and international talents, blurring the lines between different art forms.

In-depth articles

We distributed press releases to a broad mix of Belgian media, ranging from agenda media, to cultural, news, lifestyle and photography outlets and sections. By means of embargoed 1:1  interviews with the artists, we realized larger in-depth articles in the run up of and during the event. Furthermore we invited a selection of key journalists  to the press day of the Photobiennial giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic brilliance and talk 1:1 with the artists of their preference.

We crafted a narrative that seamlessly intertwined the artistic nature of the event with our small but varied media landscape, ensuring that the essence of the Photobiennial reached every corner of the country and beyond. Our approach resulted in over 80 clippings in national and international media with a total reach of more than 20 million eyeballs.

  • Copywriting press releases
  • Develop and create PR hooks around the Photobiennial
  • Facilitate interviews with artists and Belgian press
  • Press invitations for the press day