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Loop x Tomorrowland


Since launching in 2016, the Belgian scale-up Loop Earplugs set out to provide people with reusable, customizable and very stylish earplugs, empowering them to “live at their own volume”. Their innovative approach earned them worldwide recognition and the brand has seen remarkable growth. Even after several years, the journey continues. Loop Earplugs is more determined to break the taboo about wearing hearing protection, in all kinds of situations: when you want to focus while working, sleep next to your snoring partner, but most of all: when you want to party and enjoy music without damaging your hearing.

What better place to spread the word about protecting your ears than one of the biggest and most famous festivals in the world? For the second year in a row, Loop Earplugs and Tomorrowland joined forces. They co-designed an earplug that combines the smart engineering from Loop with the magic of Tomorrowland. Not only to make everyone look stylish, but also to address the issue of hearing damage.

The media heard them loud and clear

To make sure the world got their message loud and clear (yes, even when wearing earplugs), we outlined a detailed PR-approach. Everything started with the right data: Loop Earplugs and Tomorrowland commissioned a survey in which 1,092 participants were questioned on topics related to hearing damage and the use of earplugs. The results of the survey were meticulously reviewed, with the most striking and relevant findings included in the press release. The aim of the press release was to emphasize Loop Earplugs’ collaboration with Tomorrowland but also to give journalists more insights on the topic. The press release was distributed in phases to an extensive list of media outlets, including long, mid, and short-lead publications. 

We also reached out to journalists with a personal pitch where we determined the right angle for each media outlet. To reinforce the impact of the press release and our pitches, several journalists and their plus ones were invited to Tomorrowland. To have a great time of course, but also to have a one-on-one interview with the Loop founders.

Despite the fact that this collaboration was not a new venture, we scored a diverse range of publications: from background pieces and shopping pages to reviews and interviews. The collaboration achieved significant reach (6.212.313 reach in total) through lifestyle magazines, daily press, and both online and print media. The total of 31 clippings delivered an ad-value of + € 428K. 

Besides the stats, we think most importantly all the articles reinforced the collaboration’s significance and relevance. Our PR-strategy brought the importance of hearing protection and the unique position of Loop Earplugs as a brand once again into the spotlight.

  • Making Loop Earplugs even more visible as a brand
  • Develop and create PR hooks around the collab Loop Earplugs and Tomorrowland, but also the topic of hearing protection and festivals 
  • Establish Loop Earplugs even more in the Belgian media landscape with focus on the brand’s collab with Tomorrowland
  • Ensure media coverage for the Loop x TML collab in Belgium focussing on lifestyle and daily press
  • Positioning Loop Earplugs even more as the quality brand for earplugs across Belgium
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Press mailings
  • Calculation of PR-values