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Oise Tourisme

Introduction of Oise to the Belgian market

Oise Tourisme reached out to us to boost the number of Belgian visitors to their region. Belgium was a key market for them because of the accessibility and because Belgians have a specific interest in culture, gastronomy and nature. Three main pillars that describe the French department. 

Oise Tourisme’s strategy was to build on a broader and more loyal Belgian customer base, to highlight what the region is known for (its savoir-faire and authenticity) as well as the multiple events they organize throughout the year that might interest Belgian customers.

The pandemic challenged us to reflect differently on our strategy.

Escape to Oise

We invited Belgian journalists and influencers to visit the region of Oise, which was highly appreciated because of the short distance and accessibility. At the time of the pandemic people were looking for an escape close to home, without the hassle of taking a plane. Oise is only a 3 hours drive from Brussels, so the ideal weekend escape for many Belgians. On top of that, people had already heard of Oise as you pass by the region when driving to Paris or because of the Asterix and Obelix fun park. But almost nobody had already taken the time to visit the region itself. A region known for its castles, infinite nature, savoir-faire and gastronomy with local products. We proposed different themes throughout the year that were relevant to the media and influencers we wanted to invite. That allowed us to spread the awareness of Oise in a broad range of media and speak to a very diverse audience on socials. Ranging from kids activities, food specials, adventurous activities, escapism to nature, a culture boost, ideas for a weekend away, etc.

  • Develop and create PR hooks
  • Establish Oise in the Belgian media landscape with focus on its pillars
  • Ensure constant media coverage as well as social visibility
  • Collaboration with renowned bloggers to promote the region
  • Organization, coordination and planning of press and influencer trips
  • Handling of media partnerships