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Walkie Talkie - PLAYMOBIL - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - PLAYMOBIL - December 2016


What’s not to love about PLAYMOBIL®? Created in 1974 by Hans Beck, PLAYMOBIL® has become a classic in every child’s playroom. Some facts? Over 2.7 billion of the beloved PLAYMOBIL figures with their characteristic smile have been produced since then. Around 30 different play themes are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. And did you know that the height of a PLAYMOBIL® figure is 7.5 cm, the perfect size for a child’s hand?

Creative day-to-day PR approach

Throughout the year, Walkie Talkie ensures media coverage across online and offline media, as well as maintaining the brand’s relationship with relevant influencers. Next to establishing a strategic ‘kids’ seeding approach, Walkie Talkie contacts all other influencers and editorial references for the brand through frequent press releases, media collaborations, events and more. That way constant media coverage is ensured, so PLAYMOBIL® stays top of mind!

We also come up with out of the box ideas to ensure media coverage in general lifestyle features. That’s why we asked creative talent Marta Majewska (aka Everyday Marta) to create three Pinterest proof DIY’s for kids’ rooms. This content was warmly welcomed by Flair België, Flair Belgique, Libelle mama, Moustique and for example.

For the premiere of PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE we invited BV’s and WC’s, influencers & journalists, ànd their children to enjoy a playful morning at Kinepolis Brussels. They got an exclusive preview of the movie together with all the characters and movie cast. Together with candy and toys all over the place, we offered all the ingredients for an exciting morning.

  • Day-to-day PR representation of the brand in Belgium
  • Content creation & copywriting for monthly press releases
  • Develop and create PR hooks to communicate
  • Organise and host press events
  • Work side by side with marketing team
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies
  • Handling of media partnerships
  • Community building with bloggers and influencers