Walkie Talkie

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In the Spring of 2018, Danone decided to relaunch their plain yogurt: new branding, new flavours, but one message: back to basics. The idea behind the campaign supporting the relaunch was to “reclaim goodness”: eat healthy and enjoy it!

In the context of this large campaign, Walkie Talkie was responsible of the influencer approach, targeted at families willing to improve their daily habits to bring a little bit of goodness into each day.

New habits: recipes, tips and tricks

Together with 2 nutritional experts and bloggers, we developed a programme that could be followed for 3 or 4 weeks in order to adopt these new habits: recipes, tips and tricks, it was an easy guide for busy mothers and their offspring. Bloggers were invited to share their experience regularly on social media and on their blogs, allowing their followers to be a part of the experience.

  • Development and implementation of concepts and strategies (with a strong focus on lifestyle, food and family)
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies and community building
  • Collaboration with renown bloggers
  • Support product launch
  • Coordinate content creation and video productions