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Rituals’ Mind Oasis

Rituals Cosmetics is a luxurious wellbeing brand embracing the lifestyle of transforming daily routines into more meaningful moments. Each product is inspired by an authentic tradition, allowing you to find happiness in the smallest things. In July 2023 they opened their first Belgian Mind Oasis in Antwerp. A second  in the world, with the first one located at Rituals’ Amsterdam flagshipstore.

Unique treatments

Mind Oasis in Antwerp is a sanctuary for mental relaxation, a place where you can take a much deserved break from life’s hectic pace. By combining the wisdom of ancient techniques with the power of science Mind Oasis offers unique treatments, so that you can rest and recharge your mind and body. Mind Oasis proposes an innovative brain massage, a unique hydro massage where you float on a warm waterbed. Our objective was to cover the Mind Oasis concept, its existence. Beginning of Summer, just the day before the opening, we hosted a press and influencer breakfast and afterwork. We got lots of enthusiastic reactions on how the Mind Oasis literally blowed their mind, in a positive and relaxed way.

  • Making Rituals more visible as a brand
  • Establish the brand in the Belgian media landscape
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Handling of media partnerships
  • Host media and influencer events
  • Develop high impact PR concepts and hooks to communicate new products
  • Development of crossover & collaboration strategies
  • Support the opening of the first Belgian Mind Oasis
  • Calculation of PR-values