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Since 1992 Smart has become a worldwide expert in toys thanks to their 1-player logic games to develop brain skills, reflection and memory. The fact that Smart’s games are suited for both young and old makes these games even more unique. Smart nv includes 4 brands in total: SmartGames, SmartMax, GeoSmart and Happy Cube. Fun fact: all products are developed directly by Smart in Belgium and sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Smart day-to-day PR approach

By tapping into relevant PR hooks, Walkie Talkie ensures continued on- and offline media coverage as well as establishing valuable relationships and enhancing brand awareness amongst relevant influencers. This by initiating meaningful seeding approaches to pertinent influencers and reaching out to editorial stakeholders via  press releases, media collaborations and events. This way overall media coverage is ensured and the inspiring Smart brand continues to grow. 

  • Support product launches
  • Making Smart visual as a brand
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies
  • Develop and create PR hooks to communicate
  • Community building with bloggers and influencers