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Sony Music

Walkie Talkie has been assisting Sony Music Belgium with their online presence for a while now. We research and seek out relevant influentials, connect with true fans, turn them into great ambassadors for their (inter)national artists/releases and seed new music online. Walkie Talkie also assists with their community management, training, shaping and managing locally signed artists’ online presence.

Private events for influencers

To enhance this online presence, we started a new concept in 2016: #bandsnbites. Bands ‘n’ Bites are private events for bloggers and influentials where they can discover new and upcoming, or even more established, artists while enjoying some food and drinks. They are able to ask questions during the Q&A’s— a key part of these events.

  • Seed releases to selected influencers and key opinion leaders/tastemakers
  • Develop and create PR hooks for artist releases
  • Establish artists in the Belgian media landscape
  • Press, blogger and influencer relations for arstists
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Organisation and hosting of artist showcases