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A collaboration like… well, music to our ears! Since 2019, Walkie Talkie has been in charge of Spotify’s PR in Belgium. And, let’s be honest, does this brand even need an introduction? Spotify is a digital music, podcast and video streaming service that connects makers, content and audiences from all over the globe in a million different ways. When it launched in 2008, audio was forever transformed. Today, Spotify has over 380 million users across 184 markets.

A to Z: from pushing global stories to creating local PR hooks

From pushing global product news and creating local PR stories, to pitching in-depth corporate pieces that highlight Spotify’s journey in Belgium and beyond -our team tackles it all. And they do say #teamworkmakesthedreamwork: We work closely with the Dutch and French PR & comms teams to ensure the best outcome across our entire region for Spotify. Together, we create continuous awareness and momentum for Spotify, whether it be in news outlets or via digital channels. Examples are plenty: how about Spotify’s yearly ‘Wrapped’ campaign? Or the influencer campaign we did for the FIFA soundtracks launch?

  • Copywriting and editing of press releases
  • Develop relevant PR stories  for our market
  • Handle PR for product launches in Belgium
  • Create continued awareness around Spotify
  • PR advice and intensive coverage monitoring for Belgium
  • Pitch corporate & human interest pieces to press
  • Set up influencer collabs that resonate online