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St Môret early summer blogger brunch

St Môret is one of the Savencia (parent company) brands and joined us in 2016. The French brand is known for its fresh, healthy and authentic cheeses. Walkie Talkie puts new products and the rest of the range on the radar of bloggers and media through press releases, product seeding and events.


One of our favorite things in the world is a looooong (six o long!), relaxing weekend brunch! So, what better way to introduce the new and fresh St Môret Apéritif and the rest of the product range, than during a colorful spring brunch with a small framily of influencers and bloggers? Location of the day: the fairytale garden of Alix – Jardin et table d’amis. The perfect hub for a relaxed get-together in Ghent, complete with an imaginative touch of fairy dust and magical atmosphere. The table was stacked with some of the most delicious products, from oven-baked bread to stuffed figs and a heavenly courgette cheese cake. Host and creative chef Alix inspired everyone with her combinations and healthy recipes. The best part? All invitees could unleash their inner cook and make their own creations with some St. Môret cheeses. Everyone went home with a selection of St. Môret products to get creative in their own kitchen. Because after all, sweet dreams really are made of cheese.

  • Introduce the new product St Môret Apéritif through experience during an informal blogger brunch
  • (Re)introduce the rest of the product range: such as St Môret Mousse and Apérifrais
  • Inspire bloggers with recipes so they could go experiment themselves
  • Relationship building with (a selection of) relevant bloggercontacts for St Môret
  • Boost brand awareness and ensure coverage on relevant food & lifestyle blogs and social media channels for the St Môret products