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Stabilo pen 68 Brush

Stabilo has been known for encouraging creativity with its colourful pens and pencils. For the launch of the new Stabilo pen 68 Brush, we wanted to spread the magic of brush lettering during an enjoyable influencer workshop. However due to the COVID-19 situation, we had to cancel our physical event and we had to look into creative solutions. The Result? We teamed up with lettering artist Storms Creative to organise our very first online brush lettering workshop which resulted in visual attractive coverage on social media and of course lots of fun.

Our attendees received all needed products and goodies upfront to participate in this online workshop. To fuel creativity even more, we got tapas and mocktails delivered to all attendees’ homes.

Lettering artist Storms Creative brought brush lettering to life and taught all modern brush lettering basics with the Stabilo Pen 68 Brush. By the end of the evening, everyone had created their own brush-lettered postcards to send to their loved ones.

The online workshop resulted in 30K earned media value and an estimated content reach of 554K. By creating an encouraging and welcoming online workshop environment, this was a very interesting and fun way for Stabilo to connect with their audience, even during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Seed the range to selected influencers and key trendsetters
  • Press, blogger & influencer relations for brands and organisations
  • Event management
  • Support product launches
  • Planning and hosting of (inspirational) workshops