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This is Antwerp

This is Antwerp is Antwerp’s Tourism & Congress strategic marketing plan for young adult tourism. The goal is to add Antwerp to the ‘Must Visit’ list of international travelers between the ages of 18 and 35. Mid 2014, This is Antwerp asked Walkie Talkie to come up with a fitting concept to get 12 international, well known creatives (not necessarily bloggers) to Antwerp. The idea was for them to get to know the city, their local counterparts who work in the same business and to spread the word among their followers. The project recurred in 2016.

Concept and program

Walkie Talkie developed the concept and program, also finding and contacting the 12 international creatives (in both 2014 and 2016) to visit Antwerp. Walkie Talkie guided the project and monitored social media posts of each group. In 2014, the 12 participating influencers had a total reach of 2,869,100. By 2016, the group’s 483 social media posts reached a total of 9,478,626 followers!

  • Brand visibility
  • Development and implementation of this concept
  • Facilitate collaborations between bloggers and locals
  • Copywriting and editing of press releases
  • Handling of media partnerships
  • Calculation of PR-values