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Ugly Belgian Websites

Combell is known for their domain name & webhosting services, but also allows you to build your own website. To boost Combell’s brand awareness we thought of a fun earned first PR campaign. Why not go where people need Combell the most?

We set out a search to track down the ugliest Belgian websites to give one winner a total website renovation (including professional photography, copywriting, logo design) and 10 years of free hosting and domain name! We teamed up with Hannes “Ugly Belgian Houses” Coudenys and put together a jury with the necessary IT and aesthetic knowledge to decide on the winner. With the help of a few press releases and a collaboration with 6 influencers, Ugly Belgian Websites became a known topic both in print and online.

a fun earned first PR campaign

The result?

Over 1000 unique nominations were made, but ultimately public figure and ballroom authority Davy Brocatus won the prize for Ugliest Belgian Website. Curious about the result of the makeover? Find out here!

Over 70 clippings in national media with a total reach of more than 11 million, an ad value of €500.000 and an ROI of x19,5.

  • Making Combell visible as a brand
  • Establish Combell in the Belgian media landscape
  • Introduce Ugly Belgian Websites to media
  • Press & influencer relations for Combell
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Facilitate influencer collaborations
  • Social media support