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VOKA Open Bedrijvendag

Every first Sunday of October since 1991, hundreds of Flemish companies from the most diverse sectors open their doors to the general public on a day known as ‘Voka Open Bedrijvendag’ – an event we’ve been doing press relations for, already for seven years now. After a digital edition in 2020 due to lockdowns, a first hybrid version took place in 2021 where people could visit companies both physically and online. Historically, the official kick-off moment is given by a big company that has something to announce or celebrate. This year Rombouts Koffie took up this role and welcomed minister Jo Broens in their facility to explore the wonderful world of coffee roasting and grinding.

Continuous stream of coverage

The tried and tested method for Voka Open Bedrijvendag consists of thorough pitching up front and during the event, to create a continuous stream of coverage. Coverage before the event ensures people mark it in their agendas and show up in great numbers. Coverage during the event bolsters the reputation of Voka Open Bedrijvendag as one of the most important single-day events in Flanders. The press release we sent out at the end of the event, mentioning the total amount of visitors as well as highlighting facts and figures of participating companies all over Flanders, ensured a final boost in media attention, both during the end of that first Sunday of October, as well as in the days following. 

As usual, we secured clippings in both radio and TV, print and online media. A lot of regional press, focusing on individual stories of participants and visitors alike, as well as national coverage giving the broader picture. Resulting in a total of +350 clippings: 245 before, 81 during and 25 after Voka Open Bedrijvendag.

  • Develop and create PR hooks around event
  • Ensure constant media coverage before, during and after the press event
  • Management of written, visual and audio content – press release, photos and videos towards on- and offline press
  • Guiding media-interviews on site
  • Copywriting