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Woody x Anne Kurris

The Woody Group is known as Belgium’s nightwear and homewear legacy. With Woody, lordsxlilies and ndrwr, the Belgian label has three strong brands in its portfolio, where the highest quality and sustainability are constantly pursued. Moreover, the brand is blowing out 30 candles this year, in 2023, which means they have been providing the softest and happiest pyjamas in the country for three decades. To celebrate the occasion, Walkie Talkie sought a relevant angle of interest for PR. In collaboration with Anne Kurris, who pioneered children’s fashion design in Belgium, Woody created a capsule collection. The capsule collection, themed “all eyes on Woody” reinterprets some iconic pieces from Anne Kurris’ collection without forgetting Woody’s signature DNA, such as the vibrant colours and playful animal motifs.

Press and influencer approach

A press release was sent out to Dutch-speaking media and interviews were set up with 2 Belgian core media (Knack Weekend and Marie Claire). The news was received beautifully and taken up by various media outlets, resulting in 11 publications both print (5) and online (6). We had a reach of  2.719.778 with an earned media value of €117.738,55. Furthermore, we also collaborated with 16 influencers, accounting for a total of 15 posts and 84 stories, reaching 361,030 eyeballs. 

  • Making Woody visible as a brand 
  • Develop and create PR hooks around the 30th birthday
  • Seed the range to selected influencers 
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Support new collection launch
  • Facilitate collaborations (Anne Kurris)