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YUST is a unique housing project that combines hotel, hostel, long stay (co-housing), food, drinks and events. A blend of short and long-term living, located in an emerging neighbourhood in the heart of Antwerp. This high end space in the city is surrounded by a wide offer of common facilities, giving you the opportunity to share your daily routines with others. Their baseline ‘talk to strangers’ is present in every brick in the building! 

Not YUST a launch

Walkie Talkie handled the launch of the first YUST venue in Antwerp in the beginning of 2019. We organised a press lunch and an exclusive first visit to the building for a selection of (design) journalists, in the presence of the realtor, the architects and the interior designers. Not long after, we contacted a wide range of national media with a press release. Besides a traditional media approach, we created more online buzz by inviting the right influencers for a stay at YUST.

  • Host and invite journalists for press lunch
  • Highlight YUST as a new go-to hotspot in lifestyle press
  • Pitch bigger in-depth articles focussing on a new way of (co)living
  • Set-up interviews with the founders or interior designers
  • Ensure coverage in the right (architecture and design) media
  • Invite journalists and influencers for a stay with focus on a review or social media coverage