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Walkie Talkie is on the lookout for: Interns

Walkie Talkie is an all-round public relations agency with an everything-is-media communication approach. As a full-service agency we reach out to our extensive network of publishers, connect the right people, and help our clients tune into the right frequency.

Based in Gent, our multilingual team of specialists includes strategists, project managers, copywriters, developers, graphic designers and social media managers—stretching our expertise beyond those of traditional public relations. Together we get the word out by generating interest instead of causing interruption.

We currently work for a mix of lifestyle brands such as PLAYMOBIL, DECATHLON, Danone, GreenPan, Sony Music Belgium, Atelier Veritas, Caviar, FOX, Vincent Sheppard, Disneyland Paris & several other (inter)national lifestyle brands.


We are looking for someone who is interested in (new) media.

  • You are interested in fashion, music, food, design, basically everything that is considered ‘lifestyle’
  • You know what magazine or newspaper fits perfectly for a particular story?
  • You have copywriting skills and consider yourself an eager beaver who is dying to learn a thing or two.
  • You follow your friends and peers on twitter, regularly update your facebook with the latest #fail compilation and pin stuff on Pinterest from time to time?
  • You use Instagram as a lavatory pass time & check-in at your favourite barista?
  • You create great office Spotify playlists and can stand listening to someone singing 90s hits from time to time?

Well maybe you might consider an internship with us. We are always on the lookout for a great intern who can assist us on a range of projects for some great people, brands and companies.

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It’s a big plus when…

you have a background in PR, communication, graphic design or writing. We tend to dive into these elements during a job interview. While we appreciate expertise in other marketing or advertising fields, please remember that we are a PR agency.


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give us your strongest portfolio work

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